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Residence : 8, "Chandan", Shreyas Colony,
        Pramod Nagar, Deopur, Dhule - 424 002,
        Maharashtra, India.
Telephone : 0091-2562-225080, 0091-9866577562.
Web Site :

I am working at Microsoft since July 2005

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I was working at Wipro Technologies [World's First SEI CMM Level 5 Software Service Company] , on Printer Device Driver Project of HP laserjet, deskjet and inkjet printers in E&PE Division.

I am interested in Linux . Though I have more detailed knowledge of MS-DOS™ than Linux, but I still prefer later to former.I am very much interested in Networking and System Programming. I have given a Seminar on Log-structured File System (LFS). This is a thesis on design and Implementation of high performance File system for Unix, Linux and Compatible. I like 'C' programming very much and that under Linux is very interesting. I have programmed some Games in 'C'. Also I have programmed some TSR and Graphics programs in 'C'. Some are good utilities, but most of them are for fun.  Currently I have done a Project,   'Web-based Graphics Server' using Java RMI in JDK 1.2.2™


        I have earned following Certificates of

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